I was attacked by an alpaca!

No, really.  I was attacked.  By an alpaca!….Let me explain.  So last night I had this dream…

This blog, of course, is all about me and my over-dreaming self.  As many of us know, daydreaming is a function of our conscious mind.  We can control it.  We can tell our thoughts what to create, how to create it, and how we should interact with what we created.

On the flip side, I dream a LOT in my unconscious state, too.  We all do.  4-6 times while our brains are in REM sleep to be exact.  Fascinating, right?  I find myself researching dreaming quite often and have learned that everyone’s brain dreams, BUT not everyone remembers them when they wake up.

Now, I don’t necessarily remember all of my dreams, but those that I do often grab my attention because something extremely strange, abnormal, anxiety inducing or just completely unrealistic happened.  Let’s just say there have been plenty of times when I’ve woken up from a dream with a “WTentireF” face.

So about this alpaca…

I was sitting in this nice, black exterior, cognac leather interior Range Rover truck with my mom.  (Side note: The details of the truck have absolutely no significance, but if anyone would like to drop one of them off at my house, I wouldn’t oblige!).  Our neighbors (I have no clue who these people are in real life) were outside with their 3 pets.  Having strange conversations.  Doing strange things.  With these strange pets.  Don’t ask me what — I don’t know.  My brain couldn’t process it all at the time.

Nonetheless, one pet happened to be an alpaca.  I remember thinking to myself “is this an alpaca?” We’re in the middle of a residential neighborhood, by the way.  Who knows what it was doing there, but I had to pet it!  Who doesn’t want to pet an alpaca? The travel channel says if you ever get the opportunity you HAVE to pet an alpaca.  So I did, and it was just as gloriously soft and cuddly as TV and random Facebook traveler stories described!

Then the craziest thing happened…

I don’t know if the alpaca was experiencing just as much wonder and amazement as I was, but for some reason this large, way too big to be trying to sit in a vehicle intended for humans, horse-like giraffe of a thing climbs into the truck!  

Now, I can get a little anxious when a “not your average domesticated animal” happens gets a little too close for comfort (I nearly had an incident while attempting to snorkel with the sea life in Hawaii once, but that’s a story for another time…), so being in that small of a space with that big of a living thing that wasn’t human was not necessarily the most desirable situation for me.  I checked for my mom, but somehow she managed to sneak out the driver’s seat door as the alpaca wriggled its way in — and now he was started to get a little anxious and aggressive.

So what did I do?  In short, Ashley and this alpaca played the most intense game of Ring Around the Rosie in and out of this car that I have ever experienced.  How this thing was agile enough to keep up the charade both in and out of the car?  I don’t know, but I do know I felt like I could never fully get away as he nipped at me, snapping the air.  

The only way I was able to make it out unscathed before this alpaca finally got me was by opening my eyes.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you know exactly what I did next.  Confused as all get out, I scrambled to find my computer and try and make some sense of this utter nonsense of a dream.

Google Search: “dream about an alpaca chasing me meaning”

For the most part, the interpretation of dreaming about alpacas and llamas is almost interchangeable.  Now grant it, I’m not the type to take dream interpretations as law, but it certainly is an interesting concept to consider as a confirmation specifically of the project madness I have going on currently.  I couldn’t find much, but here’s what (*don’t laugh*) www.spirit-animals.com had to say:

“Llama is here to remind you that only through hard work and perseverance will your dreams be realized. Know that you have the ability to adapt to any situation you find yourself in. Know that whatever loads you are carrying right now you will be able to manage and see them through. Alternatively Llama could also be reminding you that your biggest focus should be yourself and that personal growth and your connection to spirit should be your highest priority at all times. Insisting on following your heart rather than your ego will bring you all the rewards you are seeking.”

To say the least, I was floored.

Crazy, right?  Especially to have that dream right after starting this blog.  For almost 2 years now I’ve been – dare I say – plagued with the desire to do more, be more and challenge myself outside my usual box of comfort and safety.  It has been TERRIFYING, and that’s without acknowledging all of the hard work some of these ideas would take to actualize them.   Nevertheless, I’m grateful because honestly, I believe that sometimes the universe finds ways to affirm your thoughts and ambitions when you need it most.  

Even if it is through a nightmare of being chased by an alpaca.  (…and especially if the alpaca chasing me is supposed to represent hard work and actualizing my dreams.  Stop running girl!)

All that to say, stressed, anxious, nervous, hesitant or afraid, it’s time to roll up those sleeves, put that head down and keep pressing forward!  (I’m totally saying this to myself…first 😉 )

Stick to the plan: dream, do and prosper! <3

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Okay Dreams Deferred — Today’s the Day!

Photo of Ashley

So about those dreams deferred….I  know I’m not the only one…

Your alarm goes off and you jump (or if you’re like me, snooze, then drag yourself) out of bed and into your usual routine of daily tasks.  As usual, you’re barely managing to keep up as you chase after today’s agenda.  *Awesome*.  Another day of WAY too many things on your to do list.  It’s the month of May and you would check your planner so you’re prepared to stay on track by the hour (#timemanagement #beastmode) ….buuuut you ditched that months ago. (#judgeme)

To Do list (new entry): “Find and use planner”

Instead, you check your Google Calendar to get the gist of what’s going on.  *drumroll* A LOT.  Great.  Okay.  *deep breath* Today’s plan of attack? Do what you can, and for the rest, chew gum excessively to keep “the freak out” to a minimum.  You lace up your sneaks, grab your bottle of water, put on some chapstick and brace yourself for time to start whizzing by as you fight procrastination, a lack of motivation, the latest “Epic Hurdler Fails” compilation, or whatever’s got you by the ankles today.

By the time the afternoon strolls by, you realize you’re managing the day quite well overall.  But then it happens: that way too long moment of wishing, hoping, praying, dreaming and scheming up that little magical idea that will gift you with that life you salivate over.  Yeah….I can see it now!  That one little something that will make all these years of running pillar to post, working with people you can’t stand at a job you don’t get paid enough to do totally worth it!  If only you knew exactly what it was! “I’ll figure it out eventually”, you try to reassure yourself.  “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other…”  So you have another stick of gum, a swig of water and some chapsti……WHERE THE F@*& IS MY CHAPSTICK!!!???

And just like that, you blink and the day is over.  You climb into bed (way past your bedtime, might I add) as always, too tired to actually doze off because you suddenly remember that ONE thing you were supposed to do today that you forgot about.  And right on time you catch a glimpse of your To Do list sitting all too comfortably, taunting you in the corner of your mind …

**insert horror movie laugh**

Wait — that’s not you?  That’s just me and my anxious, Virgo thoughts getting the best of me and my productivity?  Oh, okay…..well…..Hi, My name is Ashley and I’m an overdreamer.

This is me.  This is MY life.  Every.  Single.  Day.

It sucks.  And I’m TIRED of it!  Especially the part where I sit dreaming of things only to later watch others live out that dream instead.  So, here’s my greatest attempt at living ALL (okay, maybe just a hopeful “many”) of my deferred dreams, today!  It’s time for my dreams to explode with life!  As cliche as it is, I’m constantly reminded that life is just too short so I’ve finally decided to commit: I must take better care of myself.  I must love more on myself.  I must make a purposeful effort to enjoy my life while I still have it to live.  For me, this means taking greater action on my dreams, inspite of the bumps, bruises, fear, competition and nay sayers…

…and I’m excited to share it with the randomness of the interwebs!

So go on and subscribe for a front row seat to my journey!  In the meantime, check out this audio of Langston Hughes reading his poem (Harlem) Dream Deferred.

‘Til next time, dream, do and prosper!

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