About Me

Ashley looking out window“Self-confidence.  It’s a delicate balance.  Too little and and be everyone’s favorite doormat.  Too much and…well…no one likes anyone with too much confidence.”

Hi.  My name is Ashley, and I’m the bomb at working the middle.  Some like to call it, “playing it safe”.  I like to call it “toeing the line”.  You know, following the instruction manual (add just a smidget of customization, to taste) with an intent of earning the desired advertised result.

So far, (if I say so, myself) I’ve done an excellent job of following the recipe and not veering too far from the road map: College? Check. Graduate degree? Check.  Job? Check.  Just enough dibble dabble in international travel to keep up with brunch mimosa conversations?  Check and check*.  (*extra check for mimosas….and brunch….gotta love brunch!  I’m getting too old for all this “hangover” business though…)  And the results? *drumroll* Boring. As. S#%*. (I mean, seriously though?!?  No one told me about this part.)

*Que new blog: Dreams Deferred Today*  Now, I’m not your every day featured blogger.  I can’t say that I’m the next black revolutionary feminist leading the movement of the people.  Nor can I lull you into an intellectual stupor with my beautiful linguistics.

I’m not a lifestyle guru that can Iyanla Fix Your Life, and I’m certainly no budding fashionista that can prep you for New York’s next Fashion Week or give you the best newbie tips on how to beat your face.  (Where did that term even come from though!?)

I’m just me.

I represent the Average Jane; the not so confident Jill-of-all-trades who mastered none because she was too busy following the road map to success society gave her instead of letting her heart be the driver.  A calculated adventurer of such. A dreamer.

Don’t get me wrong.  I can’t completely knock this box I’ve chosen to function in.  I mean, it’s gotten me this  far safely through adulthood.  (“Adulthood” is used quite loosely here.)

But now that I’ve collected a solid number of life’s tools in my back pocket, it’s time to uncover and explore dreams swept under the rug and force them to explode.  The deferred moment is today.

I certainly didn’t travel across the country from L.A. to D.C. as a terrified but adventure seeking college student simply to live the life of the mundane.  It’s time to shake things up!  And I realize that’s something I’m going to have to practice continuously through life if it’s not to get stale.

So here’s a peek as I journey through betting on myself.  Chasing dreams, turning them over and using them as my soapbox.  (I mean, I’m really just talking to myself here, pretending no one’s paying me any mind anyway.)

Here’s to dreams deferred today!  (*sigh*….That feels corny….Too late now!)