Okay Dreams Deferred — Today’s the Day!

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So about those dreams deferred….I  know I’m not the only one…

Your alarm goes off and you jump (or if you’re like me, snooze, then drag yourself) out of bed and into your usual routine of daily tasks.  As usual, you’re barely managing to keep up as you chase after today’s agenda.  *Awesome*.  Another day of WAY too many things on your to do list.  It’s the month of May and you would check your planner so you’re prepared to stay on track by the hour (#timemanagement #beastmode) ….buuuut you ditched that months ago. (#judgeme)

To Do list (new entry): “Find and use planner”

Instead, you check your Google Calendar to get the gist of what’s going on.  *drumroll* A LOT.  Great.  Okay.  *deep breath* Today’s plan of attack? Do what you can, and for the rest, chew gum excessively to keep “the freak out” to a minimum.  You lace up your sneaks, grab your bottle of water, put on some chapstick and brace yourself for time to start whizzing by as you fight procrastination, a lack of motivation, the latest “Epic Hurdler Fails” compilation, or whatever’s got you by the ankles today.

By the time the afternoon strolls by, you realize you’re managing the day quite well overall.  But then it happens: that way too long moment of wishing, hoping, praying, dreaming and scheming up that little magical idea that will gift you with that life you salivate over.  Yeah….I can see it now!  That one little something that will make all these years of running pillar to post, working with people you can’t stand at a job you don’t get paid enough to do totally worth it!  If only you knew exactly what it was! “I’ll figure it out eventually”, you try to reassure yourself.  “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other…”  So you have another stick of gum, a swig of water and some chapsti……WHERE THE F@*& IS MY CHAPSTICK!!!???

And just like that, you blink and the day is over.  You climb into bed (way past your bedtime, might I add) as always, too tired to actually doze off because you suddenly remember that ONE thing you were supposed to do today that you forgot about.  And right on time you catch a glimpse of your To Do list sitting all too comfortably, taunting you in the corner of your mind …

**insert horror movie laugh**

Wait — that’s not you?  That’s just me and my anxious, Virgo thoughts getting the best of me and my productivity?  Oh, okay…..well…..Hi, My name is Ashley and I’m an overdreamer.

This is me.  This is MY life.  Every.  Single.  Day.

It sucks.  And I’m TIRED of it!  Especially the part where I sit dreaming of things only to later watch others live out that dream instead.  So, here’s my greatest attempt at living ALL (okay, maybe just a hopeful “many”) of my deferred dreams, today!  It’s time for my dreams to explode with life!  As cliche as it is, I’m constantly reminded that life is just too short so I’ve finally decided to commit: I must take better care of myself.  I must love more on myself.  I must make a purposeful effort to enjoy my life while I still have it to live.  For me, this means taking greater action on my dreams, inspite of the bumps, bruises, fear, competition and nay sayers…

…and I’m excited to share it with the randomness of the interwebs!

So go on and subscribe for a front row seat to my journey!  In the meantime, check out this audio of Langston Hughes reading his poem (Harlem) Dream Deferred.

‘Til next time, dream, do and prosper!

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